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Are you fed up with fads and putting the weight you lost straight back on?

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Can we help YOU lose weight?

So, you need to lose weight? Are you fed up with fad diets that make you miserable? Have you tried counting calories but lose track (never mind the will to live)? I've been there too. Many years ago, I owned a chip shop, and unsurprisingly, I put on weight. A LOT of weight.

I struggled for years to find the right way for myself to lose weight, and I started noticing some things were better than others. I then became involved in the Diet Industry and helped people lose weight for a living. Let me tell you that was an INCREDIBLE FEELING knowing I could pass my knowledge on to help change peoples' lives - I found MY PASSION! Over the years, I took note of what worked, not just for me, but for the HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of people that came through my doors. From this I developed my OWN SYSTEM that made weight loss even easier, and my clients stopped dieting and started living and enjoying food.

For the past 10 years we have been helping people like you lose those unwanted pounds in a safe, healthy way using real food in a way unique to us. To give you an idea of what we do and to help you get started I have created a FREE 7 Day Meal Planner that will help you lose weight OUR WAY. Just click HERE and enter your email address and we will send you a daily meal planner so you can sample what to eat for the next 7 days to show you how easy this is.

Once you see how easy this Eating Plan is there are 3 main ways we can help and support you to continue your weight loss.


Attend a local class

Join online and get your own PERSONAL Online Advisor

A combination of the two above*


We have a small group of Online Advisors so that when you join us, your personal Online Advisor will give you a DEDICATED SERVICE for the highest level of support and personal assistance that is tailored to you and your needs to guarantee your weight loss success - as long as you follow the advice given. Because we are a small team, we will really get to know each other and you know that we care. In fact, we care so much that the cost of this 10 week service is JUST £35 which INCLUDES your Eating Plan and Recipe pack.

So why should you chose to ditch your diet and and lose weight with the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan? This is my passion (not my job like other slimming organisations). You DO NOT need to suffer being overweight and you DO NOT need to suffer losing the weight either! ENJOY YOUR FOOD. All you need to do is make smarter choices and we have taken all the guess work out of that for you. You just need to follow our plan and the weight will fall off. Imagine how much better you will feel? How will that improve your health? Your relationships? Your confidence? I know - I've done it!


*If you are an online client, this entitles you to attend any class free of charge held IF your online Advisor also has a class when you get the chance to attend or need to see your Advisor personally.

Success stories

The Alan and Camilla image
Alan and Camilla

I have lost 2st 7Ib and am positive that losing the weight has made a huge impact on how I feel. Even the small things make me smile. I can now tie my shoelaces and breathe at the same time BUT my kilt now falls off if I sneeze!

The Emma K image
Emma K

I feel healthier, invigorated and above all, happier. It hasn't been a chore. It hasn't been difficult. It's been a blast.

The Sandra A image
Sandra A

I went along to Margaret's class at Newtyle and would like to thank her for the encouragement and help to stay focused.

A few words from Gwen