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Moira Robertson

Moira Robertson

Hi there I am Moira Robertson and I was one of Gwen's first members when she opened one of her classes in my home town of Arbroath over 18 years ago.

Within 12 months I reached my Target Weight losing almost 3 stones. I found the Eating Plan so easy to follow - no frills just plain every day foods and the unlimited foods which you were allowed to eat meant you were never hungry.

Like many people I had tried all the different diets but never found the success until joining Gwen's Eating Plan.

I initially became involved with Gwen helping her out with the registration work at a couple of her classes, then as I became more involved decided to try opening one of my own classes under Gwen's guidance and training. Now over 16 years down the line I have held classes that have been very successful throughout the Angus area and I simply love and enjoy the work with clients immensely.

Helping members to achieve their goals and turn their lives around is so rewarding.

Since we have established our on line service only, I am now helping as many members via the website and having the same success with them as I did with my class members.

If you decide to sign up with me as your advisor, I will look forward to helping you any way I possible can, helping you to reach that ultimate goal.

As soon as you have subscribed, fill in the details as requested in the appropriate fields provided.

Come on don't delay sign up now and let me help that dream of yours come alive.

I have worked as an Advisor with Gwen for over 16 years now.

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Gwen McCreadie

Gwen McCreadie

You've probably heard about me? I really want to help you in a determined, non judgmental way.

I work seriously with my clients and I am here for you to achieve success. Your past attempts don't worry or daunt me. I don't care how many times you have tried so far ,with me or any other organisation. I will make sure you look ahead with determination and a much happier relationship to food, drinks and with YOURSELF!

I don't want my Eating Plan to be followed for a short then abandoned for former unhealthy eating patterns. The idea is that you embrace a whole new concept of nourishing yourself that is full of variety and very tasty. By cutting back or even eliminating foods that are not good for you and concentrating on foods that are, you will find through time that this falls into a pattern that gets easier to follow. Trust me!
There will, of course, be occasions when it is not possible to follow the routes EXACTLY, perhaps when you are being entertained by others or on holiday, but so long as you have a foundation of eating well then the odd deviation will not be the end of everything you have worked for so far.

Just click now to get us connected. I am REALLY looking forward to working with you!
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