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Keep positive and focused on a new, healthier lifestyle!

I have been a yo-yo dieter since the age of 18 years. In 2010, when I first came to a class, I learned a lot, lost the weight steadily, and achieved my target. However, I then stopped going to the classes, as I thought I could keep my weight controlled on my own. Instead, it just piled back on.

In August, 2014, I realised that was time for me to go back to a Gwen McCreadie class - I had regained all the weight that I had lost in 2010!

Was it Daunting? In a word, no.

I felt that Moira Robertson would be as friendly and welcoming as she always had been, and I was immediately proved right. Within minutes of my first return class, it felt like I had never been away. The only problem was that I had brought an extra 3 stone and 2 pounds with me!

However, I was motivated and I had a positive mind set. After all - I had done it before! This time, I knew the Eating Plan from the start. As a result, I achieved my weight loss target within 9 months.

My advice to anyone starting a Gwen McCreadie class is to stick to the Eating Plan, and not to mix your routes. Remember - if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself, and that even though you may bend the truth about your weight, the scales won't.

Most importantly, keep coming to the classes once you have reached your target - even if it is just for a weigh in, as it is so easy to fall back into bad habits.

Keep positive and focused on a new, healthier lifestyle using the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan!

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