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Following our Eating Plan is your easiest route to weight loss success! If you decide to join us we will be with you all the way, giving you as much support as you need.

With so many 'diets' out there, have you ever thought to yourself:

What am I actually meant to eat to lose weight?
I've tried that and it DIDN'T WORK. What am I meant to do NOW?

Over my 31 years experience in the weight loss and diet industry I have heard these same phrases over and over countless times because it is SO CONFUSING out there. I want you to know that by listening to us, there is NO "BANNED" FOOD in your weight loss success anymore! This makes your success MUCH easier to achieve.

We will guide you on what we believe (and have proven) to be good choices, not just to FEEL FULL and PROMOTE HEALTH, but also choices for those awkward social situations where you feel like you are missing out, or worse, being criticised from your friends. We have all been there. When you follow our simple-to-follow and laid out guidelines of the correct combinations of foods, you can eat UNLIMITED FOOD from carefully chosen categories.

Our Eating Plan uses everyday foods and recipes that show you how to make small changes with ingredients for big differences in your weight. These recipes are so delicious that the whole family can benefit and never know they are following YOUR Eating Plan too. You will NEVER have to cook separate meals again, or be on special "diet" foods while you watch your friends and family enjoying their meals. Would that make your life simpler? Do you think that would have a big impact on your success?

Perhaps at this point, you're thinking "This is too good to be true!" Or perhaps you have heard it all before? Well, this is not another "fad diet". If that is what you are looking for, then I am sorry, this is not what I have spent YEARS perfecting to suit the thousands of our clients, and if it has worked for them, it will DEFINITELY WORK FOR YOU. Ours is not a diet, but a LIFESTYLE. Once you experience just how easy you can achieve weight loss with us, you will stay with us and over the course of the next year you can expect to lose 3 stone, although we have had clients lose up to 9 STONE in one year (if you have that amount to lose).

We are about: 

  • Steady weight loss
  • We hate crash diets
  • Enjoying food
  • Staying clear of food deprivation
  • Doing it together

We are passionate about our Eating Plan and YOUR success with it!


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