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Personal, Confidential, On-line Advisor

Not everyone is suited to attending a weight loss class. Maybe that's you?

Do you join and never stay for class? Why go then just to get weighed? How can that help?

Too easy to miss weeks?

Dread the publicity and hype of a class? No need for that here. Just solid advice, guidance and motivation

This is where I can help you. On my on line service, you pay no more than a class fee. In fact it is only £2.50 per week and no joining fee. You have my help 7 days a week and you still weigh in once a week and register on your own private page. On here, we have graphs to show you your progress and you have mini weight challenges to reach all the way to your Goal Weight.

We can talk together about the most personal issues concerning YOU and YOU alone. We concentrate on only what you need, not the class as a whole. This is strictly confidential between you and your chosen Advisor, that is myself, Gwen McCreadie or Moira Robertson.

You have the Eating Plan, recipes, my weekly audio, Buddies club all included in your online fee of £2.50. It is incredible value for money and no matter where you live or what your other commitments in life are, I am here NOW for you.

Join up today and get started now.

Choose your own Advisor and lets get at least a stone off in just 10 weeks.

Cost £25 for 10 week subscription. You can extend your membership as you require or desire.


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