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Fantastic value class vouchers

Do you have a friend who you would like to come with you to the class? Perhaps you just want to save some pennies on what is ALREADY the hands-down, best value-for-money slimming class that there is?

Here it is then, 10 weeks access to a class with this commitment voucher, for only £40.00 with gift card and complimentary Eating Plan voucher.

Gift Voucher


The Compendium of Weightloss image
Compendium of Weightloss
Give yourself the weight loss you deserve by having recipes galore and planned eating days already tailor-made to make your weight loss journey even easier.
The Gwen McCreadie Recipes image
Gwen McCreadie Recipes
Gwen McCreadie Recipe Collections
The The Eating Plan image
The Eating Plan
Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan
The Go it Alone Pack image
Go it Alone Pack
Go it Alone Pack that can be used by you and your partner to help you both use the Eating Plan
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Gwen McCreadie 7 Day Plan
Gwen McCreadie 7 Day Plan