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Gwen McCreadie Healthy Slimming Lifestyle

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Do you have what it takes to run your own slimming classes as your own business? We are currently looking for people  throughout Scotland who think that they do!


This is a hugely rewarding opportunity for people with a passionate desire to help others achieve their weight loss goal. It's the opportunity for changing the lifestyles of many, while at the same time running your own business that you are in control of. The use of a car, phone and computer are essential.




  • You ONLY work the hours that suit you and your family (just do one class or more if YOU feel like it!)
  • No more bosses putting pressure on you or asking you to do more work to help THEM out.
  • Your hours can be as FLEXIBLE as you like, work only mornings, or only nights whatever days you want.
  • You earn the money so YOU keep it - we just charge a nominal fixed fee for each class you do and ABSOLUTELY NO COMMISSIONS!
  • Not only are you given FULL TRAINING but ONGOING SUPPORT is always available via many channels
  • You are never on your own. You earn your own money but you will be part of a TEAM!
  • Every week you are given class talks so you NEVER have to worry about what to say.


If you would like to discuss things further, please call me on 01307 819380 or 07413 581625 or send an email to info@gwenmccreadie.com


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Phone: 01307 819380

Email: info@gwenmccreadie.com

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