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Our Success Stories

Luci McLeish

Online motivates me to do well each week and it's great to have someone to help when you are having a bad day.

Jean Sampson

I would not hesitate to recommend the online service to anyone who is looking to lose weight.

Janette Leys

This time, I did it!

Jane Chapman

It worked for me, it can work for you!

Donna Bisset

I'm already set on losing stone no. 7!

Christine Coyle

I thoroughly recommend trying gwenmcreadie.com - you'll be inspired too!

Audrey Henderson

I am now down two clothes sizes, and it was great getting a new wardrobe of smaller clothes!

Kay Lees

Keep positive and focused on a new, healthier lifestyle using the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan!

Marnie Watson

I feel completely different, and not just physically!

Marian Rae

I hope that anyone who reads this - who may be wondering if this Eating Plan is for them - realises that it most certainly is, in fact, it's for everyone.

Audrey Taylor

I am really happy to be back to eating healthily - and so is my body!

Wilma Milne

It's quite surprising when you see the amount that you can have in just one day!

Karen King

I'm able to manage my weight and eat the food I love!

Lesley & Hannah

Me and my mum Lesley started following the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan in September, 2013. We made the decision to try and lose weight due to feeling very unhappy about the way we looked.

June Laird

Hello, my name is June Laird, and I have achieved a total weight loss of 61 pounds in order to reach my goal weight of 4 stone 5 pounds.

Eunice Robertson

I feel great, I have much more energy and I have rediscovered my 'get up and go'!

Lynsey Petrie

I haven't just seen the benefits of the Eating Plan in the clothes I wear, or in the numbers on the scales - it's in everything I do and has become part of who I am.

Maggie C

Who knew that stepping on to the scales last August, 2014, with a positive outlook - and a bulging waistband - would set me on my first determined steps to lose weight.

Margaret N

I can once again wear the eternity ring that my late husband bought me 40 years ago.


I found the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan easy to follow, and surprised myself by losing some weight nearly every week.

Catherine H

I just felt that I also needed the support of a class - and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Pat J

I now feel great, and have loads more confidence in myself. I am just so glad I joined.


It's amazing what you can achieve from a bit of willpower, determination and self-belief.


Read Audrey's delightful weight loss poem!


I reached my Goal Weight at the end of August 2014, and I'm confident I can maintain my weight loss this time.


I never thought I would see the day I would wear size 10/12 clothes. Shopping for clothes is now one of my favourite pastimes.


My vision of myself is changing - now I realise that I have more self confidence!


Hi my name is Frances McSkimming I joined Gwen McCreadie's Slimming Class at the beginning of the year and I'm really glad I did, I lost weight each week and reached my target weight.


Well, in 7 months, which included a break for Christmas and New Year, I reached my healthy Goal Weight having lost 3 stone 4 pounds. I feel fabulous, love getting into nice clothes again and the over all feeling in my life now is just GREAT!


Thank you for reading my story- my name is Avril and i lost 5 stone to reach my Goal Weight


Now a retired Clerk of Works, i will be 81 years old this year.My weight on 14th November 2012 was 12 stone 6 pounds and I am now down to 10 stone 10 pounds, my Goal weight!


I lost 16kg (2 1/2 stone) in 5 months and weigh less now than I did when left the UK in 2006. And the bonus? I was able to buy a new wardrobe!


I feel healthier, invigorated and above all, happier. It hasn't been a chore. It hasn't been difficult. It's been a blast.


I am so much more confident now, and have come down from a dress size of 24 to a size 10, and have so much energy and a lust for life, instead of feeling weighed down all the time.


I started on the gwenmccreadie.com Eating Plan a number of years ago and I got to target weight. I thought I could 'go it alone', but ...


My class advisor, Isobel Harris, has been fantastic all the way through; regardless if I was putting weight on or staying the same she was always there to motivate me.

Alan R

I can't thank Gwen and Margaret enough for providing me with the opportunity to change my life. It is a very good thing you are doing for people – keep up the good work.

Margaret M

Gwen is so helpful and always on hand to help which is a great support. If you follow the plan as she has written it, the weight and inches will melt away.


I would encourage anyone looking to lose some weight to give this a try as opposed to 'fad' diets which in my opinion are not sustainable in the long term.


Thank you Gwen, you are a star, you have made me feel fantastic and I now enjoy coming along each week to stay motivated.

Margaret R

I am still 'at that certain age in life' and still eating lots, BUT have a healthier body, healthier lifestyle AND am 2 stone lighter.


I went along to Margaret's class at Newtyle and would like to thank her for the encouragement and help to stay focused.

Alan and Camilla

I have lost 2st 7Ib and am positive that losing the weight has made a huge impact on how I feel. Even the small things make me smile. I can now tie my shoelaces and breathe at the same time BUT my kilt now falls off if I sneeze!

Janabel and Stefan

This is a short note to thank you for helping us achieve what we thought was impossible. We've struggled with our weight for as long as I can remember and we tried everything


Just wanted to share my good news with you on my anniversary. It's just a year since I first went to Gwen's class in Kirriemuir ... and boy what a difference a year makes!


Today, if push came to shove, I could manage a set of the 'Broon's Reel' and this at 80 years of age.


Lost three and a half stones


Here is a collection of what our great dieters have to say about us and the eating plan!

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