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Alan and Camilla

My personal story is that I was over 14 stone (5ft 8in) and VERY unwell. Diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I was constantly falling asleep, having horrible headaches and under a consultant at the local hospital who was scratching his head. I was taking various medications and not a happy person!

My wife, Camilla, wasn’t feeling too good either, taking various medications for high blood pressure and stomach problems. She was dieting and was down to 12st 10 (5ft 5in) but decided she needed help.

We had both done the weight class thing before but hated the measuring of food, constant planning and clock watching but my wife heard of the local Gwen McCreadie class while talking with friends and we decided to give it a go. I would promote couples going together to the classes. It’s far easier to have a family work together, giving each other support.

The class is a pleasure to attend with excellent advice and positive stimulation. It’s great that all you need to do is slightly change what you eat and not how much. Camilla is down to 10st 7Ib and off medication, is having fewer headaches AND has massive amounts of energy.

Alan and Camilla

I have lost 2st 7Ib and am positive that losing the weight has made a huge impact on how I feel. Even the small things make me smile. I can now tie my shoelaces and breathe at the same time BUT my kilt now falls off if I sneeze! I equate my loss to the 15kg luggage allocation on a flight. I have lost more than that. Try carrying a full case up a flight of stairs a few times!

I quickly found out that I can’t eat carbohydrates as this is what was making me sleep all the time. If I want a bit of bread I eat it late in the day. I have turned into a Lilac man, although I think it should be renamed a BEAR man. I only eat meat, vegetables and fruit (apart from occasional beer, wine, chocolate etc.). I can’t remember the last time I ate heavily processed food – nothing in a box and rarely from a tin. The gwenmccreadie.com recipes are all easy and with them as a starting point it’s easy to do your own. Our freezer is now almost empty as we only eat fresh. The main point is I am never hungry and enjoy my food more. The cooking time is not any longer than using processed food. I am healthy.

Bottom line is we are eating what we (now) want – enjoying our food and drink and not missing out on anything but knowing the limits. We eat out usually twice a week and this is not a problem. We are never hungry and can always eat something we want if we do feel peckish.

Alan K

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