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Alan R's story

I used to weigh 16st 9lbs and now weigh 11st 13.5lbs. As you can imagine I am very pleased with all the beneficial effects this is having on my body and overall health.


Chest – started at 47” – now down to 41”
Waist – started at 45 – now down to 34.5”
Hips – started at 45” – now down to 37”

First and foremost I would like to say that if you want to lose weight you need to be motivated and you have to do it for yourself. Having said that, you can’t do it without the support of family, friends and your Gwen McCreadie advisor – in my case Margaret Forbes. The encouragement and advice provided by Margaret along with the Healthy Eating Plan has been essential to my success.

The support from my wife Valerie and daughter Samantha has been very important in me reaching my goal – couldn’t have done it without their support.

The Healthy Eating Plan has been easy to follow and the recipes in the books have been very tasty. The recipes have allowed me to follow the plan and combine food groups properly along with showing me how to manage portion size.

I have added exercise into my daily routine. When I first started my routines I struggled to keep going for more than 30–40 minutes but now my routines last for a minimum of 90 minutes and my recovery time is just a few minutes.

I have done other diets/healthy eating plans in the past but this has been the easiest to follow and has given me the best results I have ever had. I intend to carry on attending the classes every two weeks to keep me motivated and help me maintain my weight and also to support my wife who has lost over 2st 7lbs – also following this plan.

I can’t thank Gwen and Margaret enough for providing me with the opportunity to change my life. It is a very good thing you are doing for people – keep up the good work.

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