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This time it was different!

I'm Alison and I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. I have lost 3-4 stones on 3 occasions over the past 20 years with several slimming organisations (I had zero success with several others), but have never maintained these losses. I can truly say I've tried everything but a tapeworm!

In January this year (2014) I decided to try again. I had retired a year before and felt I needed to give myself a better future now that the time was all mine.

I joined Gwen's Perth class, and realised immediately that this time it was different.

This lady is passionate about her Eating Plan and she wants every class member to make the best of the food they eat. She cares, but she doesn't do cozy! Success comes from following a varied and versatile Plan. I thought I was well informed about nutrition but I've learned so much over the past 10 months.

I reached my Goal Weight at the end of August 2014, and I'm confident I can maintain my weight loss this time. Why? Well, before I thought, "once I'm at my Target Weight, I'll have this or that again". With this Plan, I've enjoyed my favourite treats all the way to Goal.

Of course I have modified the quantities, but there has been nothing I'm desperate to rush out and eat.

There are many things my class means to me but 3 things it never is:

  • never a bore
  • never a chore
  • never a punishment.

This is me for life!

Alison x

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