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I am really happy to be back to eating healthily!

I initially joined Gwen's Fintry Class in the summer of 2010.

At my first class, I stepped on the scales and I couldn't believe that I weighed nearly 11 stone!

Also, I still remember going home afterwards, reading all the recipes, and being unable to believe that I was really allowed to eat all of those potatoes!

I stuck to the Eating Plan, and by end of September, 2010, I reached my target weight of 9 stone, 4 pounds.

After this, I continued to attend the weekly class right up until a change of job meant that I was working away more, and wasn't able to get to a class as easily. After a while, I noticed that I'd put a few extra pounds back on, and was determined that I wasn't going to allow myself to get back up to 11 stone - so I decided that the best option for me was to join Gwen online.

I really enjoyed the weekly weigh-in, and being able to email Gwen if I had any concerns - it took the stress out of missing the classes. I continued online until early 2014, upon which I contacted Gwen to say that I was going to 'go it alone' - or so I thought!

Shortly after this, I moved to the country, and changed job again - but this time it led to my falling into bad eating habits with my new colleagues - it's unbelievable just how many cakes the guys I work with can manage to put away each day! As a result, the pounds quickly piled back on - and although I knew it was happening, I kept putting off tackling it, whilst eating more and more cake!

Two weeks before Christmas, 2014, I had had enough, and I got back in touch with Gwen to let her know that I had put back on all the weight I had lost, and that I needed her help. I had to get myself back on track - not only for myself, but for my family as well - especially for my daughter who has additional support needs and will always be dependent upon me.

This time, it has taken me longer to achieve my target weight - about seven months, all told. But I am really happy to be back to eating healthily - and so is my body!

For me, the key to success with Gwen's Eating Plan has been being organised and making a note of exactly what I am eating each day. In addition, I always have my iPad ready when I go shopping so that I can quickly log in to the website and access the recipes.

I always look forward to Gwen's weekly update with all the extra tips and recipe variations, along with her inspirational advice and discipline.

I really want to thank Gwen for all her help and support - I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without you!

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