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The Eating Plan has to be the best ever!

Thank you for reading my story- my name is Avril and I lost 5 stone to reach my Goal Weight,

I wanted to lose weight for health reasons primarily. I actually work in ICU and I witness first hand so much illness caused by obesity.

My worst 'fat moment' was when I went to buy a last minute outfit for a party I was going to and I absolutely hated myself in the outfit. I had to go into town to buy it because it was a last minute invitation. Normally I would buy on-line and that way I could buy a few at a time and try them on in the comfort of my own home. It's funny even now I still don't have that much confidence to go into town to buy clothes.

The things I love now are endless but all the compliments have been THE best! Getting to my actual Goal Weight was the most amazing feeling ever. My workmates and family have been so encouraging throughout my weight loss period. When I actually reached my Goal Weight my colleagues had been collecting a fund for me and presented me with a gift voucher to mark the big day. I got other cards and gifts and my husband bought me nice jewellery for the day of my photo shoot. This all made me feel very special.

My advice to you if you have weight to lose is ALWAYS attend class no matter if you have even had a bad day or week. The Eating Plan has to be the best ever and I've tried ALL THE DIETS!!!
Thank you Gwen.



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