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I have got my life back!

I put on weight when I was on medication and I just felt so unhealthy. I was unhappy, embarrassed at my size and overall felt sluggish, awful-words can't really describe it!

I joined Gwen McCreadie at her Menzieshill class and was provided with the answer to getting my life back. The Eating Plan really is the BEST out there. I never knew I could eat so much 'normal' things I love to eat and still lose weight.

Well, in 7 months, which included a break for Christmas and New Year, I reached my healthy Goal Weight having lost 3 stone 4 pounds. I feel fabulous, love getting into nice clothes again and the over all feeling in my life now is just GREAT!

My advice to you is come and join us and get REAL success, that will last for a lifetime with the FREE aftercare you get from Gwen.

This is me before Gwen MccCreadie!


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