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I thoroughly recommend trying gwenmcreadie.com - you'll be inspired too!

Early in 2015, I had a flare up of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - of which a side-effect is painful, inflamed muscles.

Being overweight really didn't help the situation, and it was right then that I decided to lose weight and try to improve my health.

I set myself a few other goals at the same time. These included an increase in my energy levels, boosting my immune system and reducing my muscle inflammation.

It was at this point that I joined gwenmccreadie.com as an online client in May, 2015. Considerate of my health situation, I stayed on the Orange route and mostly ate whole foods. I saw a slow, steady weight loss each week  which eventually saw me losing one stone and seven pounds in just twenty weeks.

To me, this is testimony to the flexibility of Gwen's Eating Plan - which fits into so many lifestyles and preferences.

Gradually my energy levels have improved, and the muscle inflammation has reduced. Happily, I also managed to lose four inches off my waist, bust and hips.

I really felt that I benefited from Gwen's weekly motivational audios - and all the support from the Buddies Club was nothing short of amazing. I never once felt that I was on my own, and now that I am at my target weight, I continue to tune into Gwen's audio messages in order to receive ongoing support.

I am now back at work and greatly enjoying both swimming and walking my dog regularly.

If you are looking for a flexible healthy Eating Plan, I thoroughly recommend trying gwenmcreadie.com - you'll be inspired too!

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