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Gloria Petrie

In January, 2015, I made a commitment to myself - that following a couple of very trying years medically, I would endeavour to tackle the one major aspect of my life that was most depressing me - my weight.

In early 2001, I had been diagnosed with MS. Before that, my weight had never been a problem - I had always been very fitness-conscious, and I had run many half and full marathons. However, as my condition gradually worsened and my mobility was drastically reduced, my weight gain rapidly began to gather momentum. Being in a wheelchair and unable to walk even a few feet, I began to really wonder how I would fare endeavouring to lose weight without a physical exercise regime to help.

In the end, the biggest factor in successfully losing that weight, has been Gwen - she has encouraged me all of the way. The Eating Plan has also been absolutely brilliant - no matter which route I took every day - either lilac or orange - I never felt hungry. Another great help was being able to use the bonus points at the end of each week so that I could have a glass of wine to welcome in the weekend!

I have managed to lose in excess of 2 stone of unwanted weight, and I fully intend to keep it that way. It has all proved to me that eating healthily, and good portion control, can make such a huge difference. It feels to me now that anything is possible, especially with the right support and mindset.

Gwen, your entire support network is fantastic, as is your healthy eating ethos. Thank you so much for everything!

Thanks must go to my husband as well - he has been responsible for all of the cooking, which has been a huge part of enabling me to get to my target weight. He also supported me by electing to eat the same food as me - and consequently he has reduced his own size greatly as well, which is a great bonus!.

Lynn Cullen - Friockheim

I was inspired to come to the Gwen McCreadie class due to work colleague who had managed to lose a lot of weight, and looked great as a result. I had been to other diet classes in the past, but found this one particularly easy to manage around my lifestyle and work.

The choice of foods that Moira brings to the class each week is always very helpful, which provides great food hints when you are first starting with the Eating Plan. I find that I have never felt hungry while using this diet, and although I eat more now, it is all healthy instead of junk!

Moira is also very supportive - if you have a bad week and feel discouraged, she advises you to move past it and keep going. Also, she is always happy to help with any questions you may have.

I plan to continue with the Eating Plan as I enjoy it so much. I also intend to continue with the classes to keep myself in check, as I feel it will help me to avoid eating the wrong things again.

Audrey Henderson - Friockheim

I joined the Gwen McCreadie class in Friockheim at the end of June 2014, and reached my target in May, 2015 - losing 3 stone and half a pound.

My class advisor Moira was always encouraging, even although my weight loss was sometimes slow. Staying at the class helped, as Moira always had good tips, and gave an interesting talk every week. Now I am down two clothes sizes, and it was great getting a new wardrobe of smaller clothes!

Anyone looking to lose weight should not hesitate to join a Gwen McCreadie class - the Eating Plan is so easy to follow, and is just normal, everyday food. There is plenty of it as well, and you need never be hungry no matter what your likes and dislikes are.

Thanks to Moira for all her help.

Jean - Arbroath

My name is Jean, and I joined the Gwen McCreadie class in Arbroath in January 2014.

Having been overweight for several years, and not being a great lover of exercise, a weight loss class seemed to me to be the best way out of my uncomfortable predicament. My friend Ann was already attending a Gwen McCreadie class, and had heartily recommended it to me.

At this time I was 12 stone 11 pounds. Almost one year later, when my class advisor Moira finally rang the bell, I had reached my target weight of 9 stone, 11 pounds - a huge weight loss of 3 stone! To say I was happy was an understatement, it's been many years since I've been so slim.

The Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan is so easy to follow. I personally preferred the orange route, and I loved the bonus calories - which meant that I could indulge in a little of what I fancied now and then, as long as I stayed within my allowance. The recipes are varied, simple to follow, and very tasty - so don’t be afraid to try them out!

I can't thank my class advisor Moira Robertson enough, she is a great encouragement, and sympathetic to the many challenges that the weight loss journey can present.

I plan to continue attending, so that hopefully I won’t be tempted to slip back into any unhealthy eating habits.

More than anything, though, it’s wonderful to feel nice and slim again!

Helen Harris - Fintry

Hello, my name is Helen. This is just to let you know that I have never been to a slimming class in my life. The reason I went this time was the fact that I had gained 2 stones, which was keeping me back quite a bit. Walking far was out of the question, due to problems with breathlessness.

In my eighth class, I hit the 1 stone landmark, which was a great achievement for me. The way I feel now is amazing - having less weight to carry around is just wonderful. I am still aiming to lose another stone.

I would say to you, that if you are fed up with yourself, go for it. The Eating Plan does work, and makes you feel so much better.

It doesn't matter what age you are either, the Eating Plan will work for you. I was skepical at first, but I have since proved myself wrong. I am 77 years old, but that has not mattered one bit! So go for it! If it works for me, it will work for you.

Thanks to Gwen and all the girls at the class for all of their encouragement.

Frances Robson – Fintry

I joined Gwen's Fintry Class in September 2014.

Thanks to Gwen's motivational and inspirational talks, along with her Eating Plan, I have managed to lose 19 pounds in only 17 weeks! This is a truly great result, and I always know that I can just pop along to the class to keep myself on track.

Dorothy – Arbroath

I joined the Gwen McCreadie class in Arbroath on the 18th of April 2013, as I desperately wanted to try and lose some weight.

On 22nd May 2014, I finally reached my goal weight, losing 2 stone 4 pounds and 15 inches - I was so happy.

My class advisor, Moira, has been most helpful all the way through my weight loss - especially in the last few weeks before reaching my target weight, when I seemed to be stuck on those last two pounds. She encouraged me to stick at it, and I eventually made it.

I also appreciate the weekly meetings, as you can always pick up some tips on different foods and recipes to incorporate into the eating plan, as well as enjoy the camaraderie amongst the other members.

I hope to stay on target and attend the weekly meetings without any payment.

Audrey H  ( Arbroath)

My daughters wedding in July spurred me on to lose some weight and I felt the online service suited me best...Working shifts and spending time up north with my partner means attending a class wasn't for me...I followed the orange route mostly and never felt hungry or deprived...Finding Margaret to mentor me was the best decision I made..she is a gem...It was so easy logging in every week and knowing that Margaret was there kept me focused and determined...

I have tried all other weight loss classes but Gwen's is by far the easiest to follow and continue...The recipe books are inspirational and I have had some yummy meals...

I have lost an incredible 1stone 1 pound...Incredible for me anyway... I haven't been this slim in years...And to have lost 10 inches is still unbelievable...Two tape measures don't lie...

The day after I reached my target i went straight out and bought my dress for the wedding and it was so much fun..i just love the new me in the mirror... .Being slim has given me more confidence and I feel so much healthier and better...It has been so easy and I cant recommend it enough...

Maybe I didn't have a great amount to lose but I know it would work for others too as it is so easy to include the eating plan in your lifestyle... I love my new way of eating so many thanks for helping me reach new happiness...x

Betty – Arbroath Class

I joined the gwenmccreadie.com slimming class in Arbroath, August 2013.  On the 1st May 2014 I reached my target, losing 2 stones and my measurements dropped by a massive 141/4 inches.

The class is held in the mornings, which is ideal for me.  The class Advisor, Moira is very easy to talk to which is very important.  I enjoyed the talks and seeing some of the recipes cooked, which made me more interested in making them.  The Eating Plan is very easy to follow, which makes all the difference.

Catherine - Friockheim

After 6 months of attending and enjoying the class run by Moira Robertson the bell was rung tonight!

Tried last year to lose the extra weight that has crept on since I retired but never found the motivation - even when my holiday clothes seemed to be shrinking at an alarming rate!

Decided that enough was enough and joined the very happy class that Moira runs in our village. I really can't thank her enough, she is very tactful, kind but tough too and very knowledgable about the diet which makes it easy to follow.

Every week she comes up with something new that gives you "food for thought" excuse the pun! I am delighted to have lost 1 stone 3 and a half pounds and will definately keep going to class to maintain this healthy weight.

Thanks Moira, you are a gem!

Renate - Carnoustie

Dear Gwen

Coming to your class was one of my best decisions I had undertaken for a long time, the result of my well being speaks for itself. I could not have achieved this without your healthy eating Plan.

Thank you for being there and helping me to reach my goal.

Having reached 82years makes me feel 20 years younger

Fiona - Forfar

I have spent years struggling with my weight – it always seems so much easier to put on than take off!  Having tried various diets and attending classes, keeping motivated has always been difficult, especially when I felt I was trying hard, but not getting the results on the scales.  Like many people, I have a job with hours and travelling which makes getting to classes locally every week hard.  So, when I was looking on-line for inspiration to lose the pounds yet again and found gwenmcreadie.com, I decided to give it a go.

The eating plan is so easy to follow – there is very little weighing and measuring and I can honestly say, have been really surprised at the amount of food I can eat.  There is no excuse for being hungry!  I have also managed to steadily lose more than 2 stones in weight and have still managed to enjoy treats like the occasional bit of chocolate or glass of wine, so it doesn’t really feel like I have been on a diet.  There have been challenges like holidays, nights out  and staying in hotels with work which has made progress seem slow, but with the help of my advisor, Margaret, I have managed to get through and now feel so much healthier and fitter.

Every week, I sign in and record my weight and leave details of how my week has gone. Margaret responds really quickly with lots of words of encouragement and hints and tips to help me like making sure I keep a food diary and plan ahead. She is also always there if I have any questions or problems. The recipe books are great for inspiration and ideas – they are packed with lots of meals that are easy to prepare and can be made for all the family, without them suspecting they are on the plan as well!

Helen C

I signed up online after hearing about the Gwen McCreadie healthy Eating Plan from a friend who was already on the plan. I have never attended a diet class in my life and as I live too far away to attend classes, online suited me better.

From day one after receiving my Welcome Pack I really enjoyed trying the different recipes and found the Eating Plan easy to follow and stick to. There is so much to choose from you need never be hungry.When work was really busy I prepared food at the weekends and froze it so it was handy just to heat up when coming in late at night.

I was impressed at how easily the weight and inches came off. As a lot of the time my job entails manual working, I feel a lot fitter without the excess weight.I have a different outlook on food/drink now as I want to maintain how I am at the moment.I would like to thank Moira, my Advisor, for her weekly encouragement/advice and gwenmccreadie.com. I would thoroughly recommend anybody wanting to lose weight to give it a try.

May (Glasgow)

I had been a yo-yo dieter for many years, until I found Gwen McCreadie. I followed ‘the plan’ online and stuck to one route (Lilac). It has certainly worked.I couldn’t believe the amount of food I consumed, and with the bonus points allowance it let me have little treats. Before I started ‘the plan’ I had too many treats.This has been the easiest way of losing weight I have ever known. The guidance and encouragement I received from Margaret, my online advisor, has been so helpful.

Recording my weight, asking for advice every week and very quickly getting a reply, was such a help. That kept me on the straight-and-narrow, knowing I could chat with someone, online. I will now make this a way of life as far as eating, and if I should ever need help, I will certainly join up again. As we all know, we sometimes can’t do it on our own and need a wee nudge to help us along. I must say a BIG thank you to Margaret, my online advisor and to Gwen for her weekly newsletter, which was always packed with lots of information, as well as what Gwen was up to that week! I can’t praise them enough.


A few years ago I joined a gwenmccreadie.com class with great intentions of losing the weight that had somehow crept on … how does that happen?! Some weeks I was delighted as I had lost a pound or two, other weeks I was disappointed because I had remained the same … and how does that happen? Anyhow due to work commitments and the class starting earlier I had to stop attending. There was no other class that fitted in with my long hours at that time. However, I was confident I could manage on my own ...

I wonder how many others think like me?One October day as I was walking along a local street I saw the gwenmccreadie.com banner and popped in … and I was pleased to see Moira, my class leader from a few years ago. She was delighted to see me – and even remembered my name. I had a lovely welcome and I decided to give it another go. Having left work and doing voluntary work I had become a bit lax as far as meal times were concerned – I didn’t timetable eating into my busy day, so I thought coming back to class would get me back into a more healthy routine and healthy menu. I am pleased to say that not only am I back eating healthy meals at the ‘proper’ times, I am at target weight!

I can hardly believe it myself but I have lost 2 stones 7lbs and 14 inches since October last year – yes, in 7months.The healthy lifestyle is easy to follow – which is why I thought I’d manage on my own – but the results show that I can manage much better by going every week to class. Moira always had recipes and meals to show us and plenty of tips to help us on our way. The support and encouragement from the others attending is vital and it’s good to know that you’re not on your own. So thank you Moira and class friends I look forward to seeing on Thursdays.

Irene E

I joined the class run by Moira Robertson (held in The Old & Abbey Church hall, Arbroath on Thursday mornings at 11.00 am) on 7th June 2012 and reached my target weight on 7th March 2013. In 9 months I have lost 1st 4lbs and 9 inches in total. I enjoy staying in class to hear Moira’s talk and have found her very supportive. The food Moira prepared for class helped me to be more adventurous in my cooking and to go out and buy ingredients I’d never used before. The recipe books are good and easy to follow, and the tips and hints fellow class members weigh in with (no pun intended) are very helpful. I would recommend the Eating Plan for others who are trying to lose weight as it is very simple to follow.

Linda H

Over the years I had piled on the pounds and been struggling to walk up the hill to my work. I thought it was time to take some action. I am the sort of person who started a diet on the Monday morning and by night was off it. So when I saw a leaflet for gwenmccreadie.com, I went along to a local class which was hosted by June Reynolds. June was so helpful and gave me so much encouragement each week. It doesn’t feel like a diet as you can eat so much. After ten weeks I lost nearly two stone and five inches off my waist. Walking up the hill to work is so much easier now. And I even got my first pair of skinny jeans!

Lee G

Lee has a retail premises in Broughty Ferry and when Advisor, June Reynolds, went into Lee's shop to ask is she would display a poster about her classes, they got chatting. Lee said she was a member of another weight loss organisation but she was finding it difficult to take off the last half stone. Lee's daughter had said no-one else would take Lee on for a half stone weight loss. June had no hesitation in saying she would and Lee agreed to come along to her class.  It has taken Lee a few months to get that half stone off but she has succeeded. Lee thought the Eating Plan was very good and never felt like she was on a diet or felt at all hungry.

Tamara K

I have struggled with my weight most of my life and after having two children I found it even harder to shift the extra pounds. I have tried various diets, some of which worked in the short term but I always put the weight back on. In May this year I decided to try a local club recommended to me by a friend and I am very grateful to her for doing so! The eating plan has been easy to follow.

As a vegetarian, I stuck permanently to the Orange Route which worked for me. The class advisor, Isobel Harris, has been a great support, going out of her way to help me and others succeed, always available for advice and there to motivate me. I finally got to target on 11 December, having lost 2stone 12lbs and a total of 15 1/2 inches all over. I am determined to stick to my new weight and intend to take advantage of the free weigh-ins now I’m a target member. The last thing I want is to put the weight back on – I’m enjoying my new size too much!

Fiona (Fintry class)

My first visit was on 7 Feb 2012 and a weigh-in of 12st 4lb. I was finding my clothing size was becoming a ‘generous 14’, a euphemism for size 16 really. On 2 October 2012, I reached my target (in fact one pound under!) of 10st 8lb, giving me a 2 stone (and a half pound) sticker.Recently, I discussed the gwenmccreadie.com Eating Plan with my best pal who is on another weight loss programme. She lost 6.5lbs over 4 weeks but her missing ingredient is the motivation and encouragement offered by Gwen.

Each week, Gwen’s talk was so smart and motivational. She has the knack of tapping into every person’s (esp. the women clients’) psyche and genuinely understands our lifestyles with all the pressures and challenges of daily, family life. On the night I rang the bell, my achievement was her goal as well. She then gave such a fabulous talk, linking it to her trip to see the SuBo musical.The Orange and Lilac routes are so well laid out and sign-posted, recipes are straightforward and easy to fit into a family’s routine. I now can wear clothes from the closet that have not seen the light of day for three years.


A Big Thank you to Gwen for her help, support and wish for ME to reach my target. She made me believe in myself that I could do it and I did – I reached my goal.

Catherine D

I am a member of one of the classes run by Karen D. Can I just say she is great and really passionate about helping people. The food plan is great and really easy to follow.  I've lost nearly a stone and a half in nine (ish) weeks.A big thank you. All my family have noticed the change in my shape and my energy levels have risen.  Wish I had joined earlier.

Claire S

Hi Gwen. Now ... I dont know if this is science or good luck but I think it's more from being educated about a healthy lifestyle. During my pregnancy I stuck to the healthy eating principles of your plan (snacking on healthy items, making lots of soup, preparing sauces etc myself) and put on 1 stone 4 pounds. My baby (Alfie) weighed 7lbs 10oz and is very healthy. Within 11 days of having Alfie I was 3 pounds off of my target weight. I wasn't on a diet during my pregnancy but stuck to eating very healthily and I feel that I learned how to do this by attending your classes. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me change to a healthy lifestyle.

Sheila C

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my day in Saks. It was lovely, they couldn't do enough for me. I was well chuffed with the whole thing, and think its a great goal for people to look forward to. Very good idea. Thanks again...

Helen G

Hi Gwen, I have stayed at the same weight, 9st, for 3 weeks and am absolutely delighted to have lost 12lbs. I can now fit into clothes I have not worn for 5 or 6 years. I feel so much better and quite trim for an almost 70 year old!!

When I started your Eating Plan I had real doubts that I would succeed, having tried other diets with no success. Your plan has been easy to follow and I have not felt hungry. I think focusing on the Orange or Lilac routes helps so much with planning what you eat and has made it very easy for me. Your recipe books are a real boon and I have enjoyed cooking many of the dishes.I did not want to disappear without thanking you for your Eating Plan and your encouragement. You have never made me feel pressured and I have so enjoyed your Newsletters. It may well be that I will rejoin if I cannot go it alone, but in the meantime, very many thanks and all good wishes for the future.


On 23rd March, I went along to Karine's Brechin class weighing 11st 12lbs 7ozs. Thirteen weeks later I had reached my target weight of 10st 4lbs. I found the eating plan very easy to follow.I still stick to either Orange or Lilac days and have a 200 cal. treat every day (sometimes more!!). More than two months after reaching target I weigh 10st!!  The eating plan is something I can follow forever as it just doesn't seem like a diet and I am never hungry. In fact I am eating more and healthier than I have done for years.On reaching target I took up the offer for free hair style, skin analysis and make up at Saks in Dundee where the staff were delightful. I came away feeling I had been really pampered.

ED, Brechin

Just to say that I reached my Goal Weight at the Brechin class. I’ve been to my skin analysis and make-up treatment at Saks where they did my hair too. The whole experience was just wonderful and the girls in Saks were fantastic. What a treat. Thank you so much for gifting this to me on reaching my Goal.

HT, Newtyle

Just been to Saks this morning for my makeover and I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for all your help and encouragement. It is well worth it.

LF (male)

By sticking to the Eating Plan I lost very easily. You never feel hungry and there are loads of things to eat and drink whichever route you are on. Planning what you are going to eat in advance is crucial for planning how you are going to go throughout your day. This is the second time I have done this now and have lost on the Eating Plan. It is great!

ICR (male)

I can confirm that if you pay attention to the plan and work through it as per the routes ‘Orange or Lilac’ you do lose pounds.

MM (male)

Eating plan is clear and easy to follow. The support of the class is excellent, loads of different examples each week of free food and different meals. Sharing of ideas is highly recommended. You can lose weight easily by planning and following the plan. The class advisor provides the motivation for us to go on.


I joined the gwenmccreadie.com class in Letham on January 2010 and reached my target in May 2010, losing 1 stone and 5 1/2 inches.I have found this Eating Plan very easy to stick to and also easy to follow and understand.Staying for the talks I found was a great help as well, as Moira always had some new tips and recipes to try out.

AF - an online client

Hi Gwen,I have decided  not to renew my subscription just now - I am not saying I will never do it - just not in the meantime.  I am hoping that now I have started to lose weight I will be able to continue on my own.  I do not need to lose a huge amount of weight so I am quite hopeful I will be able to manage it.  Thank you for the encouragement you have given me as well as the rebukes when needed!!I have really enjoyed your weekly emails and found them very encouraging.  I have kept them and will look back to them every now and again.

I also like the recipes and find it handy to have things suggested that are suitable for other members of the family without them thinking they are 'on a diet'.I actually quite liked the fact that there was not a class near me!  I probably would not have joined if there had  been one.  I really needed a kick up the backside to get me going so thank you Gwen for that!!!  I think my main problem is that I wanted to lose weight without doing exercise but since I have found I can do some that I enjoy without going to a class it doesn't seem to be so bad.Many thanks for all your help, Gwen.AF


I have had a bit of a start, stop, start to my gwenmccreadie eating plan. I did initially lose 2 stones (which I thought was great) but have since put back on 7lbs due to not attending class weekly and thinking (much to my dismay on the scales) that I could manage to do it alone, now I know I can't really manage and that I need the support of Moira at class.

I have now started attending Moira's class again where we always get great tips and chat every week.  She always has some brilliant recipes in with her from the recipe books and encourages us to try new things and vary what we eat, as that is my problem I do tend to eat the same things and really there are no foods we can't eat. Seeing other members reaching their target weights has been a real inspiration and Moira has really spurred me on to reach my target weight this time. Thanks Moira

Catherine S

I put on over 2 stones after stopping smoking and tried the usual starvation diets but that did not work. I was at the hairdressers and saw Linda who was looking amazing. She told me about the gwenmccreadie.com healthy/slimming/lifestyle class she was attending and I went along the following week.Everyone was very friendly and Moira (who runs the class I attend) inspires us all with her wonderful sample meals and talks. The Eating Plan is so easy to stick to and very satisfying – diet – what diet I say.

I can honestly say I have never felt better and my cholesterol level is down so that is a bonus.I am now at target weight after losing 2 stone 5 lbs and also 14 inches. I am now attending class free of charge.Anyone with a weight problem, do not hesitate to come along and join the gwenmccreadie.com classes now. If I can do it, anyone can.

A comment from Rona

Gwen, I have very much enjoyed our chats and your classes and definitely feel I'm on the right path now. Perhaps I'm fooling myself and won't be able to keep to it myself, in which case you'll hear from me again!!!I wish you continued success though. Keep motivating ... it seems just what you were born to do.Thanks again.

Mary's story

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all your help and support since I began my journey with you in August 2009.  It's almost three months since I reached my target of 9 stone and I am pleased to say I have managed to maintain it without ANY difficulty.  I am so glad I took that leap and embarked upon the gwenmccreadie.com diet.  I am just sorry that I hadn't heard of you earlier when I think of all the yo-yo dieting I've done in my life!  My eating habits have totally changed since joining you in August 2009 and I cannot imagine going back to them now.  It has been a welcome eating lifestyle change and so much more healthy.

I can personally vouch for this since I no longer suffer from regular bloatedness and associated digestive problems.  I honestly cannot thank you enough for all of the good work and research you must have put into your eating plan and for educating me in food combining.  It really is amazing and I would never have believed that it all worked until I lost 32lbs myself while being able to eat and eat and eat!I am sure you will continue to be a huge success and I wish you all the very best for the future.Keep up the good work and my thanks to you once again.  Here's to food combining!Mary, Forfar

Dawn's story

Every week, I sign in and record my weight and leave details of how my week has gone.  Margaret responds really quickly with lots of words of encouragement and hints and tips to help me like making sure I keep a food diary and plan ahead.  She is also always there if I have any questions or problems.  The recipe books are great for inspiration and ideas – they are packed with lots of meals that are easy to prepare and can be made for all the family, without them suspecting they are on the plan as well!

Hi GwenJust to let you know how I am getting on.  As you know I joined your  Healthy Slimming Lifestyle programme a couple of years ago.  I did take it very seriously and followed it conscientiously, finally reaching my target weight.  I have kept up your regime and have managed to keep my weight reasonably steady in the knowledge that I can contact you at any time or attend any of your classes.  It definitely improved my health and I felt so much better.

However, now that I have learned about the nutritional products you recommend, this has been the icing on the cake.  I have always had periods where I felt a bit flat or not much energy but that has all changed. This is the perfect combination for me and I feel fantastic. Not only is my weight great so is my sense of well being and I have so much more energy. In addition when something is not quite right I have the answer in my own hands.Keep up the good work!Kind regards Dawn M.

Stephanie’s story

I have been dieting since the age of 16; I’m now 32. I have tried numerous diets, without success! Have even tried other slimming classes which did not help me. Then I joined Moira’s class in Arbroath and it was the best decision I have ever made. I started in February 2009 and so far I have lost over 5 stone. I have still got a bit to lose, but I feel a lot better within myself.

I cannot thank Moira enough for helping me to achieve this so far, because without Moira I would still be failing all these diets and getting upset every couple of months.

I love going to class every week and seeing the people I now class as friends. Moira’s tips and advice over the past 8 months have been priceless; they always encourage me for the week. Even the other class members have helped as well. I am now reaping the rewards mentally and physically.

When I go shopping for clothes now, I can look in any clothes shop I want to, apart from the usual two shops that used to cater for my size.

I have a lot more self belief and confidence about myself now and the best thing overall is that my husband and my four kids are extremely proud of me.

Thanks again Moira for all the help and support you have given me so far, I could not have done it without you.

Yvonne's story

It’s Yvonne here from the gwenmccreadie.com class at Charleston, Dundee. I was extremely happy to reach my target weight recently and would like to thank you for helping me achieve that goal. I certainly did not expect to get to this weight and used being in your 50s as an excuse for growing bigger!!

I would also like to say that the Eating Plan is fantastic – it suited me totally. I have always enjoyed cooking for the family and love entertaining. Since joining gwenmccreadie.com, I find it even more exciting as I now cook both the foods I enjoy, and plan ahead much better. I am not a vegetarian but cook so much more with Quorn. My big thing has to be fresh fruit salad that I have constantly in the fridge, by the ton!!! I use all Lidl’s fruits with a carton of their fresh orange juice and it lasts about four days – it gets better by the day.

My cholesterol has also come down since I started the plan.

Many Thanks. Yvonne

Ian C's story

Being a male and overweight I was not keen to attend a class so I joined as an online member. I started using the Eating Plan in March this year and to date I have lost 2 stone 7lbs. Since starting the Eating Plan I can honestly say I have never felt hungry, and there is a wide variety of recipes so you do not get bored; something I never found with other eating plans. I am very pleased with my weight loss and people have remarked on how well I look. My health has improved and instead of being borderline type 2 diabetic, my blood sugar level is now normal.

Kath's story

Hi Gwen,

Just a wee note to thank you very much for helping me to reach my goal. Some people might think that one stone six pounds is not a huge amount but it was for me and I am delighted to be that much lighter.When I first met you I said that you were an inspiration and you really are - your eating plan is easy to follow and I can honestly say I have never been hungry. You talk such a lot of sense Gwen and I have learned so much by attending your classes.

Kind Regards. Kath

Margaret's story

Three years ago I joined Gwen McCreadie’s Fintry class and got into the swing of the eating plan and to my delight lost one and a half stones in weight. I then thought all I had to do was keep to the plan, but a couple of buffet-style holidays put paid to that, and within six months I had regained my lost pounds.

So here I am again, or should I say here we are again, because without Gwen at the helm we are lost souls drowning in a sea of pounds (nay stones) of unwanted fat. Seriously though, the plan is great, lots of eating choices, no hunger pangs but most importantly the support that’s always there. The encouragement and praise Gwen gives is second to none.

I’m very happy to report that I’ve come down two dress sizes and that has boosted my self-esteem no end, but I’m not about to make the same mistake as last time; I know I can’t do it on my own. So, even when I reach my target weight, which won’t be too long, I’ll still keep on with the classes.

Anyone feeling the need to shape up a little bit, or maybe a bigger bit, come and join us, and we’ll do it together.

Margaret B.

Nicola's story

For years I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve tried other slimming classes in the past and none of them were successful, but … the eating plan is so easy to follow. I can honestly say on this eating plan, I am never hungry because you can eat as much as you want depending on what route you have chosen to follow that day.

I’ve now lost 2 ½ stone in 20 weeks which is a great achievement for me. I still have a long way to go but I also have the determination; I really enjoy the eating plan.

Going to class every week is now part of my routine. I like listening to Gwen’s tips and advice. Gwen has been so supportive since the first night I joined at the end of January 2008. Without her help and encouragement I would still be unhappy with myself.

At 2 ½ stone lighter, I have dropped a dress size and nearly into another one. There is no way I’m giving up now I’ve come so far. I just can’t wait to get to my target now and it’s all thanks to Gwen. ‘Thank you’.

Nicola C.

Marnie - an online client says:

Hi Gwen, the newsletters are great, especially for when I'm unable to stay for the class … they let me see what you’re saying that week.


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