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25 January 2012, Happy 24th Birthday to me. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t have anything to wear. I wanted to just sit in the house and sulk. Finding stuff to wear was a nightmare and when I did find something I wasn’t happy with it.

Things needed to change. I decided to check out a few different slimming classes and when I spotted that there was a gwenmccreadie.com class at the top of my street I was onto a winner.

The first class was so scary; I had never been to a slimming class or been on a diet so it was all new to me. Instantly I felt right at home, Isobel, my class advisor, was so nice welcoming. When I had my first weigh-in of 12st 9lbs, I just wanted to cry. How did I get so big? Isobel sat me down and explained the Orange and Lilac routes and how everything worked. At that point I thought I would struggle as I love cheese.

Week 2, on 13 Feb (unlucky for some, not me) I stood on the scales for the official weigh-in. It was scary but when Isobel told me I had lost 4lbs, I was gob smacked! Losing that weight started the ball rolling and week after week I was losing weight. At one point I thought I was going to disappear, I was losing weight so quickly and easily. After six weeks I had lost my first stone and bought myself a smaller pair of jeans. Yippee.

Five months down the line and three new pairs of jeans later I reached my target weight, losing a grand total of 2st 10lbs. Wow! Going shopping for new clothes is now fun and no longer a chore. When I try on clothes I’m having to pick between what dress looks better on me, whereas before the one that looked worse was put back on the shelf.

I am so confident now and feeling great. Joining gwenmccreadie.com was the best decision I made in 2012.

My class advisor, Isobel Harris, has been fantastic all the way through; regardless if I was putting weight on or staying the same she was always there to motivate me. The weekly classes were great and full of recipe tips and talks to keep you motivated. Thanks Isobel for keeping me on the right track.

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