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I have rediscovered my 'get up and go'!

I was never overweight as a young girl, but put weight on gradually after having my children. I found that my eating habits changed drastically - and not for the better - as I continued to expand!

The turning point came during a trip to the beach, upon which my eldest son told me to take care not to get harpooned! In spite of having a terrible memory, I have never forgotten what he said that day.

By my 60th birthday I had reached my heaviest, at 14 stone 8 pounds. Another casual remark, by my husband this time, gave me the shake I needed to get on and do something about my weight before it made me seriously ill.

Although I managed to get close to 13 stone by myself, I decided that I should try Gwen McCreadie's class in order to be able to lose the rest. Just 13 months later, I reached my target weight of 9 stone 7 pounds. I have lost 25" of my body measurements, and when Gwen told me this my comment was, 'goodness, that's just about half of my height!'.

I will be 70 in September, and what a way to celebrate! I feel great, I have much more energy and I have rediscovered my 'get up and go', which had 'got up and gone' during my fat years!

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