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Gail lost 7 stone 9 lbs

Here's Gail's story:

It was several weeks after Easter 2012, when I was at work, and I had finally had enough of aching knees and being out of breath just climbing the stairs. The following day I saw a gwenmccreadie.com class advertised – it was surely a sign to me. It's now or never I thought!

Having had a weight problem all my life, I had tried many eating plans, but never achieved Goal weight. It's worth a try I pondered, even if I lose a little it’s got to help. Now I am more than 7 stones lighter and feel like a new woman! I had been a comfort eater in the past and had piled on the pounds when my dad had become ill with cancer.


That is history now, I feel so much more in control over what I am eating. I have had many challenges come my way, but have not been even slightly tempted to find refuge in food. My health has improved tremendously and I can now walk miles with ease.

The gwenmccreadie.com Eating Plan has changed my life dramatically and thanks to my class advisor Isobel Harris’s funny and informative stories every week, delicious recipes and her encouragement, I got to Goal Weight by steadily losing a minimum of 2–3 lbs per week.

I am so much more confident now, and have come down from a dress size of 24 to a size 10, and have so much energy and a lust for life, instead of feeling weighed down all the time. Thank you Isobel, I love my new figure, and thank you Gwen for your Eating Plan, I absolutely love it! It definitely worked for me!

Gail pictured before joining gwenmccreadie.com


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