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So go on, give it a go!

It's amazing what you can achieve from a bit of willpower, determination and self-belief.

I'll start off by giving you a bit of background - this all started just after I turned 42, and I realised that my weight was out of control - and increasing by the day. I was no longer fitting my favourite clothes, and was always feeling tired and unwell.

So, after months of being told I needed to do something about my weight, my wife and friends suggested my trying out one of Gwen Mccreadie's classes. "Omg", was my first thought - but after another bad weekend, including my bursting into tears after tipping the scales at 16 stone 11 pounds - my wife offered to come to Gwen's classes with me.

So off I went - and to be fair it wasn't what I thought it would be like - the ladies of the class were fantastic, and they really understood what I was going through. The support and encouragement they gave me was fantastic! I also couldn't believe the great food that I could eat and still lose weight - I thought to myself, "How can this be?".

You'll see for yourselves - it truly is wonderful. I kept on going to Gwen's classes, losing roughly a pound to a pound and a half every week. To be fair though, I did go up and down a wee bit too. However, I stuck with it - driven on by the help from Gwen, and also from my wife who helped by cooking Gwen's fantastic dishes for me.

I've now - after around a year of going to Gwen's classes - lost four and a half stone, and I've combined Gwen's healthy living regime with some regular exercise. I first started power walking short distances, then slowly began to increase how far I would go. Then I thought, "Why don't I try some light jogging'" - so off I popped and started running round the local football pitch. I started very slowly, but eventually I started to push on further and further.

I now run with the Dundee Sweatshop SRC, and I've completed a few 10k runs, a half marathon and numerous other events. I've set my goals for this year already - I plan to take part in the Inverness half marathon and the great northern run.

I'm not saying it's easy, but you can achieve weight loss - it's definitely possible! And if I can do it, then I'm sure that anyone can! So go on, give it a go!

You can do it too!

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