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Living abroad in hot and humid Bangkok, where there is no way of controlling what you eat (or so I thought) my weight had slowly crept up from a 72kg, size 12 to a hefty 86kg size 18 over a seven-year period. How on earth did that happen?

Well of course what goes in the mouth usually has an effect and a result. And whether I ate for comfort, because I missed loved ones back in the UK or was enjoying the vast array of great food in Bangkok, there was no excuse.
I always would find an excuse, though: my age, the need for comfort eating or lack of low-fat choices.

When my friend, Jane, moved to Scotland last year after living for 20 years in Thailand, she joined a gwenmccreadie.com class in her town and lost a staggering amount of weight. When photos began to appear on her Facebook page, I could not believe my eyes. A quick Skype call and talking to her about her weight loss and her knowledge of life (and foods) in Bangkok, she explained how I could adapt my eating to fit in with the plan. Even though there are no gwenmccreadie.com classes in Bangkok!, the online facility meant I could log in weekly, record my weight, get advice and be spurred on by my virtual advisor Moira (she is real, thank goodness).

I lost 16kg (2 ½ stone) in 5 months and weigh less now than I did when left the UK in 2006. And the bonus? I was able to buy a new wardrobe of clothes when I visited the UK in August, feel healthier than I have done in years, feel in control of my life once again and came off the statins I was prescribed for high cholesterol. Life could not be better. Thank you Jane for introducing me to the Gwen McCreadie Healthy Eating plan and thank you Moira for walking with me.

P.S. my husband, Peter, has lost 9 kg too, and is looking great. 

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