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It worked for me, it can work for you!

Hi! My name is Jane, and I attended the Gwen McCreadie class in Friockheim. My advisor was Moira Robertson.

I began in April 2015 along with my 18 year old daughter for support, as she wanted to lose weight for her school prom, and it wasn’t going to do me any harm to shed a few pounds.

With help and encouragement from Moira, I am delighted to say that I went from 14 stone 2 pounds to 11 stone 2 pounds in 16 months, a loss of 3 stone - but not only that I also lost a total of 16 ¾ inches.

I found the diet plan easy to follow and, as I enjoy cooking, it was fun to try out a few of the recipes on the rest of the family.

As I have reached my target weight in time for my holiday this year, I enjoyed treating myself to some new smaller sized items for my holiday suitcase!

I will continue as an online client with Moira in order to sustain my weight for a cruise in August, 2017. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to lose weight and inches to join the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan as it worked for me it can work for you.

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