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This time, I did it!

Hello everyone!

My name is Janette, and I am determined to keep the weight off this time. I've spent years attempting to lose weight. My usual pattern was always to lose a bit, then put it all on again. I just want to thank Gwen for sticking with me all these years because this time, I did it!

I lost 2 stone 3 pounds to reach my goal weight, and this time I knew i was losing weight not just for my appearance, but for my health.

The evidence is there and we should take heed of the advice we are getting from the health professionals to keep our weight under control. I was a yoyo dieter for years!

I found I had a tendency to stick to the Orange Route because of my love for pasta and rice, but once I started cooking a few of the recipes, I realised I equally enjoyed the Lilac Route.

I get lots of comments about my weight loss and all are so positive. I enjoy this whole feeling and I continue to stay online with Gwen in order to maintain my weight for many, many years to come.

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