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I have more self confidence!

I managed to keep my weight down when I was working. However, once I retired the weight just went 'on and  on'.

My daughter had joined one of Gwen's classes and, as she successfully lost weight as a result, she advised me to give it a go.

I started with Gwen in autumn of 2012, and found Gwen to be a very inspirational speaker. I have now lost almost 4 st. since joining.

My only problem is that every time I look in the mirror I still see a 'wee fat lady'.

I am coming to terms with this and my vision of myself is changing - now I realise that I have more self confidence.

In the first accompanying photograph I was struggling to get into a size 16, and in the second one I am wearing a size 8!

The new wardrobe is costing my husband a fortune!

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