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Jenny G has reached her magic goal

Jenny - June 2012

I signed up to gwenmccreadie.com mid July 2010 and in around 18 months, lost 5 stones in weight, over 30 inches in total (chest, waist and hips) and have dropped from size 16/18 to a size 8.

I am now maintaining my weight within target range without too much difficulty and for the first time in my life probably, I feel in control – not only with what I eat but I have a new found confidence I never knew I had which is spilling over into lots of areas in my life. It feels truly amazing!

This is not a ‘diet’ but rather a healthy lifestyle with a sensible, unrestrictive approach meaning that you can still do the things you enjoy in life. The eating plan is extremely easy to follow once you get into the swing of things. The best part for me is that you eat everyday, readily available food and lots of it! The recipes books that are available are really good too and are great for getting new ideas. I also found Gwen’s weekly newsletter very informative and motivational.

When I first started, I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of going to classes so until I reached target, I worked online with Moira as my advisor. Moira is extremely helpful and supportive and has always been on hand to answer any questions I’ve had. The support I’ve had since day 1 has been a key component to my weight loss success and I now really enjoy attending Moira’s Arbroath class once a month as a target member just to keep a check on my weight. I am also continuing to learn new things and get different ideas from Moira and the other class members – it’s great.

I would encourage anyone looking to lose some weight to give this a try as opposed to ‘fad’ diets which in my opinion are not sustainable in the long term. It is no magic wand and you need to work at it as with anything else in life which is worthwhile but if you truly want to succeed with your weight loss, make the commitment to this plan and to yourself and stick with it – there is nothing stopping you from getting to your ideal weight too.


Jenny at the Race for Life 2012:

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