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I felt compelled to write to you.

Dear Gwen I felt compelled to write to you. I joined with Gwen McCreadie Healthy Slimming Lifestyle on 14th November 2012.Now a retired Clerk of Works, i will be 81 years old this year.

My weight on 14th November 2012 was 12 stone 6 pounds and I am now down to 10 stone 10 pounds, my Goal weight!

My Advisor is Jenny Grubb who is very friendly and professional in her job running her classes every week.

Her display on food is excellent! Jenny has given me my vouchers for Saks Hair Cut Appointment and one to have my photos taken with Ivy Photography in Forfar.

Thank you

For me to put these photos on show in my house for my daughter and grandchildren to see along with my friends is just a pure pleasure and verifies my achievement.
Yours faithfully
Jim Plum Donaldson
"Alias The Godfather"


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