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I'm so glad I decided to lose weight and get down to my 9 st 12 lb target. Having osteoarthritis I knew losing extra pounds might help but over time my two ‘wonky hips’ got worse. I couldn’t walk far without my stick and some nights could only get comfortable sitting up in a chair.

X-rays showed I needed two hip replacements. At the pre-op consultation, the anaesthetist said he was pleased I wasn’t carrying any extra weight. Post-op, the physiotherapist said not carrying ‘excess baggage’ certainly helped me make good early progress.

Today, if push came to shove, I could manage a set of the ‘Broon’s Reel’ and this at 80 years of age.

But most of all I’m now pain free.

Thanks are due to Gwen for all her help and encouragement. Without her backing this story might not have had such a happy ending.

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