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I enjoyed the whole experience so much.

Hello, my name is June Laird, and I have achieved a total weight loss of 61 pounds in order to reach my goal weight loss of 4 stone 5 pounds.

I had previously tried other slimming classes, but I had noticed how well my sister-in-law was doing in Gwen's classes, so I decided to join up as well.

I could not believe how easy the Eating Plan was to follow, and the recipes are just so tasty. I have to admit that in the end I didn't find it that hard at all to lose the weight - simply because I enjoyed the whole experience so much.

Now I have reached my goal weight, I plan to keep attending class regularly - free of charge - in order to keep my weight under control. This is something I am more than happy to do.

I really am delighted to share the news about the great classes in Forfar, and of course, about the wonderful Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan. Also, getting a makeover and photo session is just the most amazing reward to receive at the end of your weight loss journey, no matter how much or little you have to lose!

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