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Our perseverance eventually paid off!

Hello, my name is Hannah.

Me and my mum Lesley started following the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan in September, 2013. We made the decision to try and lose weight due to feeling very unhappy about the way we looked.

Once we started, it was a huge confidence boost to see our weight steadily dropping each week. Of course, there were some challenging times when it seemed that our weight stayed frustratingly level for a few weeks in a row, but our perseverance eventually paid off.

Just over a year later in October, 2014 my mum reached her target weight after losing 4 stone 7 and-a-half pounds. I reached mine in February, 2015 having lost 3 stone 2 pounds.

Without the encouragement and compliments we received from each other, and from family and friends, we would not have managed. Also, the help and support of our class leader June was priceless, and helped us so much. Thank you, June!

And, of course, a huge thank you to Gwen for such a fantastic Eating Plan!

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