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Lesley M's diet story

August 2011 and I was at home recovering from surgery and enjoying coffee and biscuits.

Something made me decide that it was time that I made an effort to lose weight – perhaps the picture at the bottom of this page! I had attempted to lose weight before but had never had any success.

A friend of mine had been working with Gwen McCreadie and was losing weight through a healthy lifestyle. We chatted and she encouraged me to go along to one of Gwen’s classes. I was going to have to walk in on my own but my friend made sure that I would go by contacting Gwen to ask her to look out for me. No going back now then!

I was anxious about walking into a room full of strangers but I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I was made to feel welcome by Gwen and from the start she was encouraging. The other people in the room were also very welcoming and have proved over the time I have been going to Gwen to be so supportive and encouraging, and we celebrate milestones together. Gwen is honest and supportive.

I had tried many diets before but always found them difficult to stick to and with having diabetes found it hard to be able to stabilise my sugar levels and lose weight at the same time. I wasn’t convinced that this would work for me either. To begin with it wasn’t easy working out how much less insulin to take, but through determination I managed to get the balance correct.

The healthy lifestyle is a fantastic way to lose weight, I have never felt hungry and some weeks when I had not lost weight or perhaps put on a pound I began to wonder if this was another failed effort at a diet. During these times, the friendship of the members of ‘the fat club’ and Gwen making sure that I left each week ready to get going again and try harder the next week made me even more determined to get the weight off.

Each week Gwen speaks with us and is so motivational that even if I have had a week where things have not been so good, I leave feeling ready to face the world again and get to it once more. It took me six months exactly to lose two and a half stones. I think the fact that Gwen does not give you a goal weight at the beginning helped me as I did not know where I had to get to. I just had to keep going and reach each milestone. Although weight loss is noted it is your bust, waist and hip measurements that make you realise how well you are doing. I have lost nine inches off my waist!

I found the Lilac route much better for me. The recipes in the books are so easy to follow and quick to make, they do not seem like a huge effort when I get in from work. I have never felt weary while working with Gwen and her sense of humour and motivation is a great boost each Monday.

I cannot thank Gwen enough and I feel so much better and my family and friends cannot believe the difference in me. Quite a few of my friends have been so impressed that they too have joined up for the Gwen McCreadie experience, and boy does she get you into some experiences! I have found myself agreeing to throw myself off the university tower building in June! She says that I may get a harness!

My consultant at the hospital who looks after my diabetes is so impressed at how I have lost the weight with Gwen, in that I look so healthy and my overall health has improved greatly, that she is now also embarking on the experience. My mum has also joined the troops and is losing weight easily and is feeling the benefits too.

I cannot believe that I am wearing size ten clothes and there are only two problems in that I will have to buy new clothes and my daughter is getting worried that I may raid her wardrobe so has told me that I am too old to wear her clothes!!

Now that I have reached my goal weight I have been given the experience of a makeover and photo shoot which was absolutely fab and something that I would never have done if Gwen hadn’t arranged this for me.

Thank you Gwen, you are a star, you have made me feel fantastic and I now enjoy coming along each week to stay motivated.

In 2011 two weeks before Lesley began her healthy lifestyle:

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