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I never thought I would see the day!

Similar to many others, my weight has yo-yo'd over the years. I have attended many slimming clubs in the past 25 years. Last year I turned 50, and to achieve Goal Weight was one of the ambitions on my bucket list, having never achieved this previously.

I enrolled in January 2014 weighing my heaviest at 13 st. 5 lb., no longer just "overweight", but "obese". I was heavier than my husband who is 6'2" tall.

For good health I knew I had to change. Gwen's healthy eating Plan is very easy to follow. I can honestly say that I never felt hungry, making the most of the variety of free foods, recipes and saving bonus calories for treats and social events.

Gwen is inspirational, her tales are humorous, informative and motivating. By following her Eating Plan I achieved a weight loss nearly every week. I followed the Plan on a two week all-inclusive holiday in Mexico where food and drink was in abundance, and I was delighted to lose 1/2 lb. on my return. I was amazed as I certainly did not miss out. By September of this same year I reached my goal weight of 10 st., 2 lb. I never thought I would see the day I would wear size 10/12 clothes. Shopping for clothes is now one of my favourite pastimes. I realise that maintaining this healthy weight is essential. I cannot return to my old eating habits. Attending class provides the necessary support towards a healthy lifestyle.

I have to give some credit to my puppy Murphy (who was also on my bucket list), as he keeps me amused and active and out of the biscuit tin!

Thanks you to the staff of the Hair salon and Ivy Road Photography. I really enjoyed the makeover experience. Initially I was hesitant, but then I thought "why not?", and I would encourage everyone to grasp this opportunity when you reach your Goal Weight.


Linda Sweeney,
Forfar class


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