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Margaret Rose Reid

In the twenty years I have known you I have never seen you eat SO much, AND, lose weight as a result of it’ commented a friend last year whilst watching me eat breakfast from the gwenmccreadie.com Eating Plan.

Throughout my life I have been on the ‘diet roller coaster’ – yes you name it, I’ve tried that diet. They worked in that I lost weight, but then put it all back on plus more. In January 2011, I broke all records and weighed my heaviest ever. Safe to say every area of my life was affected through carrying excess weight. Friends and colleagues would say ‘it is just the age you are at/time of life’.

It is easy to find excuses, repeat them over and over in our head and before we know it, that thought has become embedded in our mind and we believe it – I did! Thankfully I didn’t believe it for long. I joined gwenmccreadie.com online and obtained a copy of the Eating Plan. From day one, I found with some planning and organising, I could fit the Eating Plan into my lifestyle – work, travel, hotels, airports, cooking family meals, entertaining and a wheat intolerance!

After losing my first stone, and with the support of my online advisor, I started doing things I would never have done before such as joining the gym. I enjoy it so much I continue to go on a regular basis and I also go swimming, clocking up a couple of miles a week.

I love my healthy lifestyle and what it feels like to just feel better and better: my energy levels have increased, travelling is so much easier, joint pain has diminished, and constant headaches and migraines are now something of the past. Recently, while on holiday, instead of being ‘completely out of puff’ half way up the steps to a church at the top of the hill, I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the top without needing to stop. It was a fantastic feeling, experiencing what can be achieved carrying less weight, and gives me the motivation to carry on.

I am still ‘at that certain age in life’ and still eating lots, BUT have a healthier body, healthier lifestyle AND am 2 stone lighter.

As an accomplished trainer, coach and facilitator in the field of management and personal development, I work with people from all walks of life supporting them overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve their goals. I would love to support you in taking the necessary action to make the difference you wish to see.

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