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The Eating Plan is really easy to follow, and you never feel hungry!

Hi, my name is Marian. I am a retired nurse, and I am sixty-six years young.

I joined Gwen's class just after I retired, as I had put on some weight due to the change in lifestyle this brought - especially my having enough time on my hands for lots of bar lunches and coffees with my friends.

As I am only about five foot, one inch tall, a few extra pounds in weight makes a big difference to my well-being, and can be a worrisome factor in potential health issues.

Happily, with Gwen's help I managed to get down to my target weight, and dropped down a couple of dress sizes - for a total weight loss of nearly one and a half stone.

I have to say that I really enjoyed all the recipes that I tried from the recipe books, as did my husband.

Afterwards, I managed to keep my weight steady for about four or five years - mainly as I was still attending some of the classes. However, last year I stopped attending altogether, thinking that I could manage to continue on my own.

This proved to be a BIG MISTAKE!

I was now starting to put on weight again, and feeling very uncomfortable. So I went back to Gwen, and promptly managed to lose another 11 pounds - taking me neatly back to my target weight!

I now go to the Fintry wednesday morning class, and both Dawn and my classmates are a great crowd.

Never underestimate the support gained from regular meetings, and the little tips and tricks you can glean from chatting to the other ladies!

Gwen's Eating Plan is really easy to follow, and you never feel hungry. It makes you feel so much better - not just physically, but mentally too.

I hope that anyone who reads this - who may be wondering if this Eating Plan is for them - realises that it most certainly is, in fact, it's for everyone.

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