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I lost some weight nearly every week!

Hi, my name is Pat, and I have been attending June's class in Monifeith since February, 2014. After 11 months of following the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan, I reached my target weight on 13 January, 2015. I have lost nearly 4 st. and lots of inches!

I found the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan easy to follow, and surprised myself by losing some weight nearly every week - there were only a couple of times that I either put weight back on, or stayed the same.

As well as feeling quite proud of myself, I would say that I am much happier now than I was before the Gwen McCreadie Eating Plan - as you can probably see from my before and after photos! I actually had quite a difficult job finding a 'before' photo, as I used to hate having my photo taken - because of my size - and would make sure any that were taken were deleted.

I would like to say a big thank you to June for her help and encouragement throughout the last 11 months, I couldn't have done it without her. Also, thanks to all the other group members for their friendliness and support.

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