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Renee W

Just wanted to share my good news with you on my anniversary.
It's just a year since I first went to Gwen's class in Kirriemuir ... and boy what a difference a year makes!

I've now lost 3 and 3/4 stones, and have kept my weight off for the last 4 months – so to say I'm ecstatic is putting it mildly.

But what is also brilliant is that I've just had my yearly MOT at the doctors and all my results are just wonderful - in particular my cholesterol level which has gone down from 4.8 (which was good) to 3.1 (which is making my doctor a very happy man).

Before attending Gwen's class I made all the excuses possible for not losing weight eg:

  •  I was big boned
  •  I take a steroid spray to help my breathing
  •  I have an underactive thyroid and am on Thyroxin
  •  I cook healthily using olive oil and didn't fry anything etc

I was down to my target weight within 6 months of going to Gwen's classes ... which proved what a load of rubbish I was trying to fool myself with.

I am now the healthiest I have been since I was in my 20s (40 years ago) and also as a bonus, my husband has also lost 3 stones by being more aware of food, benefiting by my new cooking methods, and by supporting me as he knew how much I was determined to get back my health and to look good in the process. He didn't stick to the Eating Plan as strictly as I did either - so it just proves what's possible when you try!

Thanks once again, Gwen, for changing my eating habits and making me happier, healthier and better looking into the bargain too ha ha.

Renee W

Before and after:




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